IPA Effectiveness Awards Case Study 2018

With casual sexism like “Leftover women”, “Kong Girl” and “Career Line” all widely-used phrases in Hong Kong’s everyday vernacular and perpetuated by the media, The Women’s Foundation of Hong Kong needed an impactful solution to raise awareness of demeaning gender stereotypes and to effect change. Using minimal budget to set up a fake “Career Line” cleavage enhancement studio, it provoked outrage on mainstream and social media, but also a real commitment to media change. Widespread media support helped generate 500X return on earned media value for every media dollar spent.

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Raising awareness on the root causes for gender stereotyping in Hong Kong has been an ongoing mission at The Women’s Foundation. JWT took the effort to understand our challenge and objective, and translated that into an insightful strategy that is not only aligned with our vision but helped us effectively gain awareness and drive behavior change. We are happy to continue our partnership with JWT, with their approach I believe we will continue to address issues around gender stereotyping and achieve our goals in the most efficient way.

Rita Ching, Deputy CEO
The Women's Foundation

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