Playing the long game

IPA Effectiveness Awards Case Study 2020

2015 was a make or break year for Gala Bingo. Its 130-strong bingo hall estate was sold, and it became just another commoditised bingo site amongst hundreds of near-identical online brands. This case shows how A focus on long-term growth in a category focused on short-termism drove 56% revenue growth for Gala Bingo between 2015-2019 in an increasingly regulated advertising space. And all this whilst the biggest spender in the category saw only 21% growth, with all other competitors losing ground over the time period.

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Alison Digges, Managing Director

Winners 2020


Playing the long game


Gala Bingo





Principal Authors

  • Chris Gilfoy - the7stars
  • Billy Ryan - the7stars

Contributing Authors

  • Lydia Mulkeen - the7stars
  • Tom Carter - the7stars
  • Jonathan Rees - the7stars

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